Recent Work

Community Management


“Overcoming Community Negativity: An Exercise in Sanity” (GDC 2017)

Community Management Summit at the Game Developers Conference

Maintaining player enthusiasm is a tough job for a community team. Decisions are frequently made outside of your control and the responsibility of interacting with and mitigating the expectations of the community falls on your shoulders. It can often be difficult to conduct yourself in a way that is both representative of your gaming studio’s ideals while also empathizing with the frustrations of your community. This talk will review ways in which your team can work together with your community to combat negativity and keep players engaged and enthusiastic.

You can view my full talk on the GDC Vault here.


“Dealing with Cheating: Five Years of Evolving Approaches” (GDC 2016)

Community Management Summit at the Game Developers Conference

Cheating can be a problem in any online game, but it’s especially damaging in games that have strong player communities. What approaches can you take to protect your game and your community from cheaters? What side effects might those approaches have?

Although the presentation is currently behind a paywall, you can view a full pdf of the presentation here.

Academic Work


“The Art of Dreaming”

My Major Research Paper for my Communication and New Media M.A. program at McMaster University .

The Art of Dreaming deals with the structure of narrative film and how one is able to manipulate normative conceptions of temporal relation and character construction. My paper addresses film adaptations and how they can be used to extend the meaning of the original text. For this reason I wrote a short screenplay that deals with some ideas presented in Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan book series (focusing heavily on A Separate Reality) which discusses concepts such as life and death, but more importantly notions of dreaming. These ideas have informed the short film which can now be found on YouTube, while additional information (including a production booklet and digital copies of my paper) can be found by clicking this link.


“Performance in the Capital Wasteland: Opening the Vault on Fallout 3”

You can find a copy of my digital gaming independent study paper – “Performance in the Capital Wasteland: Opening the Vault on Fallout 3” here. The paper is a deconstruction of normative assumptions in digital gaming, focusing heavily on Fallout 3 by Bethesda Studios. I discuss the limits of character interaction and gender constructs within these digital games and the impact that it can have on personal identity and interaction within the digital game.