For my thesis project, I wanted to create something that I had only attempted before. In second year, I took MMEDIA 3H03: Advanced Animation. In this class I came up with the plotline and story for “Coldburn’s Innards”, a story where a man’s dreams are affecting the wellbeing of his life and transforming him into another species. The idea of dreaming and the power that dreams have on individuals is something that can never be ignored. It has always been something that interested me and has been something I have wanted to pursue over and over regardless of the assignment or the class that I am in. The freedom of expression that dream sequences allow for gives me room to create whatever comes to my mind, and has always helped me feel like I am making something that is utilizing my taste for the absurd.

I wanted to delve into my subconscious and give the audience an opportunity to see what I see. I wanted to create a series of disjointed imagery and scenes that did not necessarily prove to be productive or allow a story to move itself forward.
Although there is a beginning and an end to the narrative of my story, I wanted to accomplish something that never “needed” a middle. Regardless of the images that you see in this short film, the outcome of the dream would have been the same. The images did not have to be positive or negative; their impact remained the same on the character of the story. This could prove to be a mixed way to view a storyline, but allowing audiences to interpret the dream sequences however they wanted can be a freeing aspect of the project.

I hope you enjoy it; a lot of experimentation went into this work.


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